Anticipation, excitement, joy, fear, indescribable awe, happiness, overwhelming LOVE. These are all words to describe those first moments of meeting your child(ren) for the first time. What a treasure to be able to look back on those moments captured in time through the lens of a camera.

~Birth Sessions~

Info- Birth photography is pictures taken of your labor, birth of your baby, and postpartum pictures of baby, mother, and family present in the room. You have the option to schedule a meet-n-greet prior to your delivery to discuss the photos you’d like captured. If your session is booked, I would be on-call 24/7 two weeks before and two weeks after your estimated due date. I would be put on your call list for when you go into labor, at any time during the day, even if it is 2am in the morning!

~Hospital Births~

Anticipated Natural Birth~ I will arrive at the hospital once you are in active labor and admitted, stay until delivery, and for up to 1-2 hours after delivery to capture baby’s first moments and time with the family. This can include first nursing session.

Scheduled Inductions or C-sections~ I will arrive at the hospital once active labor starts (inductions) OR at the time of the scheduled C-section where I can take photos of pre-surgery prep or active labor. I will stay until after baby is born for up to 1-2 hours to capture those first moments. For C-sections, depending on the hospital policies and personal preferences, I am able to attend the surgery, take photos of the birth, then photos in the recovery room afterwards.

~Home Births~

~A birth plan must be in place at least 3 weeks before the baby’s due date. Within this birth plan, it will be specified and contracted on when to arrive during the birthing process, what pictures are desired to be taken, and who to include in the photos. I will be available to be on-call at any time during the birth. When I arrive, I will be available to stay for the duration, and for up to 2 hours after baby is born.


~Scheduled between 30-37 weeks at a location decided through discussion. This is an opportunity to develop a family/photographer level of comfort before the big day. The plan of birth photos can also be developed which can include a list of requested photos to capture, a list of what your family is comfortable with, who will be present for the birth, and who wants pictures with the baby when he/she arrives.

~Hospitals I participate with~

~~Stafford Hospital Center~~Mary Washington Hospital~~Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center~~Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center~~

***Home births are always welcome!!***

~Session Fees~

$500~ meet-n-greet, labor, delivery, 1-2 hours of postpartum photos, 30 edited pictures on a CD


~20-25 extra edited + ALL raw photos~

$75~ to be included on a disc

***** NEW*****

~ Video Montage~

$100~ edited photos and video clips of birth set to a slideshow with music, included on a separate disc

~Deposit Required~

***A non-refundable $50 deposit is required to book your birth session, with the remaining due the day of birth. A deposit ensures your session with a signed contract guaranteeing your booked session and delivering of photos. Payments accepted are cash, check, and PayPal.***

2 thoughts on “Birth

  1. Hi there,
    You did the amazing photography of the birth of our granddaughter, Cora Jacobs, (parents Mike and Rebecca Howson-Jacobs). We want to give them a gift certificate for Christmas so they can have more pictures taken of both children in the new year. Is that possible? The amount would be $300.


    1. Hello Suzanne! Thank you so much! What a wonderful idea! I can absolutely make them a gift certificate and mail it to them. I had noticed they were interested in Christmas photos. Rebecca had added her name to a contest I am running. The gift certificate would cover that session plus two other sessions of their choice. How would you like to pay for the certificate? I accept check, PayPal, or cash.

      Jessica Harmon


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